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Early Reading Sticks (5pcs)

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Early Reading Sticks (5pcs)

These reading sticks can make early reading or learning more fun. Simply use them to point at the word you reading, this helps your child to focus on the correct word and aids their reading and listening development enough to meet your daily needs. Great for teachers to use during small and large group instruction and reading time.

It can be used as a teaching indicator and can also be used for parent-child interactive learning. Now Encourage classroom participation. Students can point to letters, tap out syllables, and identify verbs in a sentence. And teachers can effectively engage students, and encourage their overall development.

Our pack contacts 5 reading sticks of random colors.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Mixed

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Marisa Reichel

Very useful for working with children are also several and you can work with small groups of children in school

Macey Adams

great quality. received in great condition and we'll packaged

Dario MacGyver

Wonderful to teach children to read

Granville McClure

My kids love using these fingers pointers for our homeschool. great for pointing to calendar, counting hundreds chart.

Lonny Thiel

Perfect! Arrived very well packed, no damage!