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Children Wooden Photographic Memory Blocks

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Children's Wooden Photographic Memory Blocks

The wood is robust, homogeneous in texture, well polished, smooth, and free of burrs, and it is gentle on the baby's small hands. Draw cards at random; you can begin with easy recognition. Place them in the correct order according to the cards after cognition; after advanced difficulty, they can be memorized for a limited period and placed in the correct order within the time limit. A challenging board game that promotes early education and brain development.

The game's gameplay is basic, but it's packed with cognitive content, and it focuses on a variety of training exercises, allowing kids to learn while playing. Children's cognitive capacity, memory, and classification skill are improved by instant memory games with a variety of complex gaming. Children can learn to distinguish things and improve their observation and focus skills by playing fun cognitive games. There are twelve different cards in total which cover different cognitive content and can stimulate cognition, and improve memory.


  • Terms: 100% brand new (high quality)
  • Material: Wood
  • Suitable age:> 3 years old
  • Products include: double-sided question card*12; double-sided memory blocks*16; hourglass*1; chessboard*1
  • Function: early education, interaction, parent-child, memory training, cognitive enlightenment


  • Recommend Age: 2+years
  • Theme: Drawing/ Hand movement
  • Function: Hand-eye coordination/learning basic drawing skills
  • Product:  Montessori Led Projector Drawing Table Kids Toy


  1. Keep away from fire.
  2. As these contain small parts they are suited for children 3 years plus and only to be used with parental supervision. These are NOT a teether and are NOT to be bitten or used for teething. Enjoy learning with your kids! :)

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